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Ensuring Excellence in
Education, Resource Stewardship, and Visitor Experiences at

Pinnacles National Park

Funding Needed for Current PROJECTS at Pinnacles National Park

Your Membership Funds, Donations, and Grants will support the following Projects at Pinnacles National Park:

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Restoration of Bear Valley School

Through funding provided by a generous family grant, the Bear Valley School has been evaluated, stabilized, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Pinnacles Partnership is currently fundraising to complete the project.  The goal is to restore the school so that it may be used for educational purposes and as a community center.  Read More

Estimated Project Cost:  $1,525,000

Estimated Project Timing:  ongoing

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Camp Pinnacles

Camp Pinnacles is a curriculum-based science camp for elementary school students.  Read More

(also see "Completed Projects" below)

Estimated Project Cost:  $500 per school per year

Estimated Project Timing:  Apr - May, annually 

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Water Fountain Replacements

Pinnacles Partnership is dedicated to supporting Pinnacles National Park in the area of Enhanced Visitor Experiences. We are currently working to fund the replacement of the existing water fountains with updated combination water fountains that include water bottle filling stations.  Water bottle filling stations will help reduce waste from single-use water bottles and allow visitors to enjoy Pinnacles spring water!

Estimated Project Cost:  $17,500 - $22,500

Estimated Project Timing:  Not yet defined

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Charles Dorn Memorial Fund


At Pinnacles Partnership we are deeply saddened by the passing of Charles "Chuck" Dorn.  We have established a fund to honor his memory and many years of service with the National Park Service. Donations to this fund will be held for a special project in Chuck's honor to be determined by his family at a later date.

"We all loved him so, were inspired and taught by him; it gives us comfort and sends a "message on high" about how he was valued.  Do come along...with his sons, grandchildren, sister, nieces and nephew.  We all know where Karen's aching heart lies and thank her for allowing us to do this."

We would like to thank the family of Charles Dorn who generously matched the first $1,000 in donations to the Charles Dorn Memorial Fund. The Park System was a love of Chuck's; he took very seriously the preservation and protection of Park Resources.  You may still donate in Chuck's honor by designating the "Memorial Fund" on the drop down designated donation menu.  


Funding Needed for Current PROGRAMS at Pinnacles National Park


Through your Membership Funds, Donations, and Grants, Pinnacles Partnership supports the following programs at Pinnacles National Park.

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Pinnacles Condor Fund

The recovery of the California Condor is a very important program at Pinnacles National Park. The Pinnacles Condor Fund is a sub-committee of Pinnacles Partnership formed specifically to raise funds for the condor recovery program.

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Needs List:

  • Event fee to support non-lead demonstration program - $200
  • GPS wing tags - 6/$4000 per
  • Remote Nest Camera - $1,200
  • Non-lead ammunition display travel kit - $900
  • Condor volunteer support - $1,000
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Trail Improvement Program

Pinnacles Partnership will support the improvement of the climber access trails through the Climber Appreciation Day Volunteer Event.  We are fortunate to have this large, dedicated group of volunteers at the park every fall and will support their efforts through funding supplies for the event.

Needs List:


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Layton & Aaron belay Caleb who descends into darkness in search of lost treasure & trash

Outreach Programs

Pinnacles Partnership provides funding to support outreach programs by Pinnacles staff.  Funding in this area generally provides enhancements to park staff to make meaningful connections to the visiting public.

Needs List:

  • Stickers - $300
  • Patches - $500
  • Photography Contest Supplies - $400
  • A-Frame Display - $500
  • Banner Printer Paper - $150
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Volunteer Programs

Volunteers are a vital part of Pinnacles National Park.  Pinnacles Partnership supports the volunteer program by providing funding for volunteer supplies and volunteer appreciation awards and gifts.

Needs List:

  • Volunteer Appreciation awards - $500
  • Volunteer Program supplies
  • Volunteer Program events
  • PSAR VIP To Rigging for Rescue Class - $950
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Youth Employment and Scholarship Programs

Pinnacles National Park provides employment programs for area youth.  Pinnacles Partnership supports these programs with funding for service awards.  We are working to expand this program to provide scholarship awards to support local youth attending college or trade school.

Needs List:

  • Youth Service Awards - $500/yr
  • Funding for Scholarship awards - $1,000/yr

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Student Activity Programs

Pinnacles Partnership funds extra items for student activities at Pinnacles National Park.  We have funded the translation of the Jr. Ranger books into Spanish and we are working to fund new Explorer Kids Daypacks with supplies.

Needs List:

  • Jr. Ranger books in Spanish (complete)
  • Purchase Explorer Kids Daypacks - $1,000
  • Fill Explorer Kids Daypacks
  • Let's Move Outside Transportation (ongoing)
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Field Work & Resource Stewardship Support Programs

Additional funds are needed to provide supplies for field work and resource stewardship work at Pinnacles National Park.  Supplies range from updated small equipment to health/safety supplies to be used during field work.

Needs List:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Hydration Reservoir replacement bladders for volunteers
  • Electrolytes for hydration for volunteers
  • Bird Checklist updates and printing
  • Butterfly Checklist updates and printing
  • Water for PSAR team
  • Gift cards for food for volunteers
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Sister Park / Sister School Program

Since 2010 Pinnacles Partnership has provided financial support to the Sister Park/Sister School program between Pinnacles National Park (PNP), and Quebrada del Condorito National Park (PNQC), in Argentina. Both parks selected a local school to participate in this cross-continental exchange of knowledge.  Students learn about the unique ecosystems and natural/cultural resources of their area and in turn take pride in protecting these resources.  All exchanges are done in Spanish.

Needs List:

  • Postage/shipping to send items between Argentina and Hollister
  • Stipend for volunteer program leader
  • Stipend for volunteer mileage

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San Benito Working Landscapes Group

The San Benito Working Landscapes Group is a group of agencies, non-governmental organizations, ranchers, and farmers, partnering to find common ground  for protecting and enhancing the open, working landscapes of San Benito County (SBC) and adjacent lands.  

Read More

Needs List:

  • Scholarships for ranchers and farmers to attend workshops and training sessions related to the stewardship of natural resources. (Registration fees and travel to site) $1,000
  • Publishing support for publishing the "Landowner's Toolbox" document.  $500-1,000 
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Completed Projects

Thanks to our generous grantors, members, donors, and volunteers, Pinnacles Partnership has completed the following projects at Pinnacles National Park.

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Hiking Safety Awareness Project

Thanks to member support, a generous grant from the Rotary Club of Hollister, and a designated donation by David Baumgarner, Pinnacles National Park and Pinnacles Partnership have created a Hiking Safety Awareness Project to begin in the spring of 2015.  The donated funds were used to purchase reusable water bottles to be distributed by the Preventative Search and Rescue team at Pinnacles National Park.  The bottles also include a reusable laminated list of hiking safety tips.  The total cost of this project was approximately $800.  THANK YOU!

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Bacon Ranch Trail Activation and Improvements

Thanks to a generous grant from The Fund for People in Parks, Pinnacles Partnership was able to fund the design and printing of an informative brochure and sign for the Bacon Homestead trail.  Beginning in the fall season of 2015, brochures with maps and a detailed local history of the ranch will be available at the east visitor center.

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Superintendent Karen Beppler-Dorn with the project designer, Dan DiVittorio, at the installation of the new sign and brochure holder.  Visit the east Pinnacles Visitor Center soon and explore the Bacon Ranch trail!

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Phase II Bacon Ranch Trail 

On August 3, 2016, an accessible and informational hike from the east Visitor Center and campground to the historic Bacon Ranch was completed with the installation of six interpretive wayside panels. This project was completed with financial support from The Fund for People in Parks and The Community Foundation for San Benito County, as well as last years' Bacon for Bacon Fundraising event.




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Accessible Viewing Scopes

Thanks to member support and a generous grant from The Fund for People in Parks, Pinnacles National Park and Pinnacles Partnership were able to add four accessible viewing scopes for visitors in 2014.  Two scopes are located in the Peaks View parking area on the east side of the park and two scopes are located in the Chaparall parking area on the west side of the park.  The total cost of this project was approximately $7,000.  THANK YOU!

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Camp Pinnacles Expansion

In 2014 the Rotary Club of San Juan Bautista awarded Pinnacles Partnership with a generous grant to help fund the expansion of Camp Pinnacles.  With this grant we were able to purchase more stoves, coolers, beverage dispensers, pans, and other supplies to use at the camp.  In 2015 Pinnacles National Park and Pinnacles Partnership will host 4 camps for a total of 7 schools and 303 students at Camp Pinnacles - an increase from a past maximum of 90 students!  This increase expands the program beyond schools in San Benito County to schools in Monterey County and Santa Clara County.

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Jr. Ranger Book Translation


Your membership donations supported the Sister School / Sister Park program by funding the translation of the Jr. Ranger Book into Spanish.  The Spanish books are used by the dual language Sister School near Pinnacles National Park to learn about the park.  The students, in turn, share what they learn with their Sister School in Argentina during video conferences conducted in Spanish.  THANK YOU! You can download the Jr. Ranger books in spanish and english for your young park stewards.

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Park Film Project

In 2012 Pinnacles Partnership supported the funding and production of the park film.  The film is being used in the Pinnacles West visitor center for a brief overview of the park for visitors.

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