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Ensuring Excellence in
Education, Resource Stewardship, and Visitor Experiences at

Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles Partnership funds programs and projects at Pinnacles National Park with the help of our generous supporters.  We would like to thank the following individuals, families, foundations, and organizations for their support.

Charles Dorn Memorial Fund


Thank you to the Family of Charles Dorn

for matching the first $1,000 in donations.

Larry Arthur

David Baumgartner

Karminder Brown

Jennifer Coile

Craig & Rochelle Fischer

George & Lori Fruestta

Mary Garry

Daniel George & Devii Rao

Richard Hahn

Peter Hain

Paul Johnson

Karl Kroeber

Janette Lemons

Denise Louie

Barbara Lutes

Bill March

Richard Neidhardt

Nancy Ng

Rebecca Pearson

Dr. Janis Schmidt

Stanley & Meredith Schmidt

Rev. Tweedy Sombrero

Gary Staab

Rachel Wolstenholme

Grants & Matched Funds

California Wildlands Grassroots Fund of the Tides Foundation

California Wildlands Grassroots Fund of the Rose Foundation

Community Foundation for Monterey County

Community Foundation for San Benito County

E-Bay Foundation

The Fund for People in Parks

Hacienda de Léal

Institute for Wildlife Studies

Monterey Peninsula Foundation

National Park Foundation

National Environmental Education Foundation


Rotary Club of Hollister

Rotary Club of San Juan Bautista

San Benito County Arts Council

Terry Family Fund

Veverka Family Foundation

Western National Parks Association


2016 Inkind Donors

Symbios Books

Vertigo Coffee

Dan Wright & Denise Cauthen-Wright

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Our Current Members

Join Us by Donating Today!

 Condor $1,000+

Denise Louie

In Memory of: Family lost in the past year

Mike Novo & Kelli Morgantini

In Honor of: Condors & altos everywhere...

Tim Regan

Jeffrey Robinson

Rodney Williams


Eagle $500+

Rakesh Agarwal

Golden Gate Audubon Society


Falcon $250+

Michael Baird

Karen Beppler-Dorn

Patricia Coe

John Holmgren

James Jones

Esben Rosenberg

Sara Steiner


Woodpecker $100+

Paul Babwin

David & JoAnne Baumgartner

Jennifer Coile

Edith Copenhaver

Philip Copenhaver

Kirk Dornbush

Doris & Hubert Fabre

Chad Farrington

Nants, Tim, & Ila Foley

Jeffrey Fong

Laura Frank & Eric Wier

Mary Garry

The Girls Middle School

Donna Holmes

Inn at the Pinnacles

Aengus Jeffers

Karen Jernigan

Brent & Veronica Johnson

Andrew Lawrence

Gary Mansfield

William March

Mountain Tools

Alexandra Nahr

Richard Neidhardt

Edith Nelson

 Mark & Mary Paxton

Robert Penner

Richard Pettit

Juergen Polstorff

Paul Quintana

Tim & Linda Regan

Meredith Schmidt

Gilbert Soper

David D. Spilker

Ron & Helen Sundergill

Peter Szydlowski

Tony Tollner

Bruce & Karen Wagner

Jenn & Mike Westphal

Katherine Westphal

Sanford Wilbur

Dan Wright & Denise Cauthen-Wright



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Photos courtesy Gavin Emmons

Kestrel $50+

Susan Aldrich 

Joe Belli

Berkeley Breakfast Club

J. Thomas Carrato

Robin Cohen

Hillary Crawford

Lilia Espinoza

Leslie Kim Dean

Lisa Jo Duffy

Craig & Rochelle Fischer 

Peter Hain

Kirsten Hernandez

James & Penny Langland

Mari Ellen Loijens

Barbara Lutes

Michael Martin

Peggy McAllister

John Meyer & Karen Moore

Rafael O. Morales

John & Christine Parker-Kennedy

Mary Pommerich

Louis Quaintance

Glenn Skankey

Joyce Smith

Alica Weigel

Alacia Welch



Acorn $25+

Donna Burych

Ronald Felzer

Lori Frusetta

Judy Greeson

(In Honor of: Bridgie Brelsford)

Robert Hansen

Adrienne Herman

Joan Jacobson

Anita Kane

Karl Kroeber

Guadalupe Larios

Kelly Lehrian

(In Memory of: Charlotte Ross)

Charles Lord

Lynn Overtree

Vicki Pearse

Rosa Peña

Justin Rivard

Mary Rodgers

Donald Rome

Scott Sheckman

Eric Tilenius

Lonni Trykowski

We would also like to thank our anonymous donors, schools participating in Camp Pinnacles, supporters using GoodSearch/GoodShop and Amazon Smile, and supporters buying products through the PayPal Giving Fund.

If you would like to update or change your listing, please contact us at  Thank you for your support!!